Sunday, August 28, 2011

foodbuzz 24x24: 9 wonderful desserts of the world

Who would want to make 9 desserts in one day? Uh I would! When I found out Foodbuzz (a social network for food bloggers and food lovers) had chosen to sponsor my 9 'wonder'ful desserts of the world party idea to be a part of this month's Foodbuzz 24x24 event, I was beyond excited. Foodbuzz 24x24 is where 24 food bloggers each host a dinner or in this case a dessert party on the same day and share their parties on each of their blogs. It was a great excuse to have friends over and use more butter than I ever have in one day. For the menu, I chose a few of the desserts from countries I have been to and the rest from countries I will hopefully get a chance to visit one day!

Pictured--top left to right:
USA: s'mores cookies (I couldn't resist after making s'mores pizza last week)
France: coconut macaroons
India: gajar halwa -- carrot pudding
Argentina: alfajores -- dulce de leche cookies
Spain: churros
Australia: sticky date pudding with toffee sauce
Singapore: mango pudding
Switzerland: spitzbuebe -- raspberry preserve filled sandwich cookies
New Zealand: hokey pokey ice cream

Everyone seemed to have a different favorite dessert but I'd say the coconut macaroons were the overall favorite considering there wasn't one left! My favorite was the New Zealand hockey pockey ice cream, I can't wait to share the recipe. Between friends, desserts, beer and the game 'battle of the sexes' it was a fun night and despite all the work I am happy to say I would love to do it again. This week I will post the recipes for each dessert in between eating the leftovers. I knew there was no way we could finish all the desserts so I had chinese take-out boxes for everyone to take home their favorite desserts. I already have a take-out box packed and ready to take to work tomorrow. The hard part is deciding which dessert to eat first.

What is your favorite dessert from a different country? 


  1. I'm from New Zealand so it's awesome to see you repping the hokey pokey!

  2. Great job! I hosted an all-dessert 24x24 a couple months ago so I know how much work it is. Yours all look so delicious! Wonderful post!

  3. Wow! You did such an incredible job!! Your desserts look fantastic and your pictures are gorgeous! Your friends are very lucky! :)

  4. This is a great theme and you did showcase each country's representative cookie quite nicely. I am looking forward to seeing the recipes-your smiling friends say it all. Well done.

  5. @Audra@The-Baker-Chick Thanks Audra, I loved your Confectionary Calendar party! Not sure how you managed 12 desserts in one day, these 9 took the entire day!

  6. Shannon your party was a blast. I'm so impressed with your talents and hope that us living together will teach me a thing or two about cooking - cross your fingers!

  7. that was such a great party and your desserts make me drool. i'm asian btw and i'm thrilled to see mango sago in your menu :) congrats on a job well done!

  8. Everything was SO GOOD! I'm embarrassed to say that me and Devin's to go box was completely demolished by yesterday afternoon. Thanks so much for having us!

  9. kavel's fingertips!!! hehehee!!!! wish i could have come! looks like you did an amazing job!

  10. I am going to have to say bread pudding with vanilla brandy sauce is one of my top favorites. Flan would be 2nd.

  11. Oh what fun. I love desserts too. I wouldn't want to make nine in one day but I would like to eat nine in one day..

  12. @3LittleMonkeys I love bread pudding but have never been able to make a very good one and I've never tried to make flan, I'll have to add that to my 'to make' list!

  13. Whoo! NZ all the way! I love that you did a hokey pokey ice-cream as i'm from NZ!

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